19 Best Keanu Reeves Movies in Hindi (Ranked)

Best Keanu Reeves Movie In Hindi

If you like watching Hollywood’s action movies, then you must have seen John Wick Series and The Matrix movie, We Indians love Hindi-dubbed movies of Hollywood. today we are going to talk about the best Hindi dubbing movie of Keanu Reeves which is available online.

Keanu Reeves called the king of Hollywood’s action movie. most people in the world know by the name of John Wick( Keanu Reeves) . His childhood is full of difficulties. knowing which you might also get emotional. Keanu’s father left the family when he was 3 years old and his mother raised him.

After leaving his father, his mother and he had to wander from one city to another city To survive in work and life. Keanu Reeves disorder in which he could not remember anything for a long time.

Keanu Reeves has worked in more than fifty films. But we only listed the movies which are available in Hindi too. He is an action star and famous for his role in the John Wick film franchise.

Keanu Reeves Movies in Hindi List

The best movies of Keanu Reeves in Hindi starts from here. The total number of Hindi-Dubbed movies of Keanu Reeves is 19. So, we will start the movies from the 19th rank to the 1st rank according to us.

19. Always Be My Maybe (2019)


The movie Always Be My Maybe was released in 2019 and it is a comedy romantic movie. In this movie, Sasha and Marcus fall in love with each other as children. They both get separated and meet after 15 years. And by the time she’s become a huge celebrity And Marcus happens to be there,

will they be able to love each other again, you will have to watch the full movie to know. it is a very romantic movie. Also in this Movie you will get to see a great role of Keanu Reeves. You will also remember your first love after watching this movie.

18. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)


Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)) is a gothic horror movie. Dracula kidnaps Jonathan Harker in the movie and and he goes to London he looks for something. We’ll have to watch the full movie to find out if he gets it. Along with this, why he kidnapped the Jonathan. Why did Dracula kidnap. We’ll have to watch the full movie to know that Johnathan. This is a great vampire movie, we should not miss this movie under any circumstances.

17. Knock Knock (2015)


Knock Knock (2015) is a horror and crime based movie. Evan (Keanu Reeves) playing the role of a good husband and father in this movie. Then two Hot girls come to the house who are total strangers. what will happen to those two girls in the future We’ll have to watch the movie to find out. A different performance of Keanu Reeves will be seen in this film. The horror in this movie is a bit less, still you should watch this movie once.

16. Chain Reaction (1996)


Chain Reaction (1996) is a Sci-Fic and action drama based movie. In this movie, a great scientist is murdered in Chicago and his blame falls on Eddie (Keanu Reeves) and Lily (Rachel Weisz). At the same time, both are accused of stealing the formula of the scientist’s invention.

So how will he be able to prove the false allegation leveled against him? You have to watch this movie to know that. This is a very cool movie so don’t miss it at all.

15. Replicas (2018)


Replicas (2018) is a science fiction and Thriller movie. In this movie, William has a family, he has a wife and 3 children, he is a scientist, once in a car accident, the whole family dies except him. After that, he clones his memory and makes a Human clone, in which he has to face a lot of problems, to know that we will have to watch this whole movie, what problems he has to face. The concept of this movie is very different. Which makes this movie okay so we must watch this movie once.

14. Parenthood (1989)


Parenthood (1989) is comedy and drama movie. Main character of this movie is Steve Martin, Jason Robards, Tom Hulce, Keanu. film story is about of a struggling old man who is struggling in his professional life and personal life. He has 3 children and meanwhile his wife becomes pregnant again. And later he gets even more upset about this. So, to know what he will do next, you will have to watch the entire movie. This movie is old but very good movie.

13. The Whole Truth (2016)


The Whole Truth (2016) is a murder mystery movie, the story of this movie is that a son is in jail for the murder of his father, he is not telling anything to anyone. If someone ask him about the murder he is only saying is that he killed his father. Keanu Reeves played the role of a lawyer in this film. Which takes a very beautiful way to solve the mystery of this case.

This movie is thrilling till the end. This movie will open your mind. Keanu Reeves has played a tremendous role in this film, how he gets rid of the sixes of the lawyer in front of him, it has hit a lot of thrill.

12. Man of Tai Chi (2013)


Man of Tai Chi (2013) is action and martial arts movie film. Tiger, Keanu, Karen is the main character of this movie. The story of this film is a martial arts player named Tiger who lands in the fight club of the underworld. And there he fights people with martial arts and why he does this you have to watch this movie to know. this movie is directed by Keanu Reeves himself this is a perfect movie for martial arts lover don’t miss to watch this movie.

11. The Matrix Reloaded (2003)


The Matrix Reloaded (2003) is a Sci-Fin Movie parts of the Matrix franchise. This is the second part of the Matrix series, in this movie, New meets a thing Oracle and he is given the task of saving Key Maker and how he does it, also fights with fellow machines, it will be worth watching. This movie is also Best like the first Part of the Matrix Series, so you must watch it too.

10. The Matrix Revolutions (2003)


The Matrix Revolutions (2003) is also release in the same year. This is a science fiction and action movie, it is the third part of the matrix series, is this part Neo he is going to fulfill the purpose of his life, he is going to end the world of machines and humans. Also in this Story he comes face to face with agent Smith again. so will he be able to finish his mission or not?  you will have to watch to know.

9. The Watcher (2000)


The Watcher (2000) is a thriller movie. In this story is Keanu k plays a serial killer who kills young girls. The task of catching him is given to a police officer. You have to watch this movie to know if the policeman will be able to catch Keanu Reeves. also be seen in a completely different character in this movie, so you must watch this movie.

8. Speed (1994)


Speed (1994) is an action and thriller movie. In this film a man plants a bomb in a local bus if that bus stops that bomb will go off. The man wants to fulfill his demand through this. Keanu Reeves plays the role of a police officer in this story. Meanwhile John tries to stop the bus. Will he be able to prevent the bomb from exploding or not? This is a great action and thriller movie.

7. The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)


The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) is a science fiction and thriller movie. Talking about the story of this film, in this movie a spaceship lands on the earth. Klaatu (Keanu Reeves) descends from it. that is an alien that looks just like humans. then comes a trouble on earth. You have to watch this movie to see how they will stop this trouble. it’s a good movie so don’t miss it.

6. 47 Ronin (2013)

47 Ronin keanu reeves film samurai

47 Ronin (2013) is a very good action and drama movie. movie plot is In this movie some samurai want to take revenge a man because that man killed their master. Will he be able to take revenge, you will have to watch this full movie to know. it’s a great movie. Keanu Reeves Tremendous role will be seen in the movie.

5. Constantine (2005)

keanu reeves movies listConstantine movie was released in 2005. It is a DC Comic superhero Movie. The main character of this movie is Keanu Reeves, Racheal Wiesz, Djimon. Story of this movie Rachel is a detective. Rachel goes to John to find out the secret of her twin sister’s murder. In this movie, John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) works as an exorcist. How will John expose this secret. If you are a fan of Keanu, then you must watch this movie.

4. The Matrix (1999)


The Matrix (1999) is a Sci-Fic and action film. In this movie you will get to see main artists Keanu as a Neo, Laurence as a Morpheus, Carrie-Anne Moss as a Trinity. It is considered to be Hollywood’s best science fiction movie.  In this movie there is a boy (Neo) who is a computer programmer and he comes to know one day that the whole world is running on the system,

he has to change the whole system Either to become a super hero or work as a normal person within a normal system, then watch this movie to know what decision he will take. This movie is a master piece. The action shown in this movie is very different which is seen today. till our Indian cinema is trying to copy.

3. John Wick (2014)

John-Wick-(2014) keanu reeves hindi

John Wick movie is combination of action, crime and Thriller movie and it was released in 2014. In the story of this film is son of a very big don kills a man’s dog and also snatches his car. Big Don Later learns that the name of the man whose dog he killed is John wick and he is the world’s biggest ex-hit-man. he will kill his son.

That’s why the big don gathers a lot of people in one place to save his son. Will the big don be able to save his son from John Wick? To know this you must watch this movie. If you listen to the story of this movie, it seems very normal, but the movie has been made very differently, all the action in this movie, everything seems real and John Wick character has been written keeping it in mind. John Wick has an amazing performance in this movie.

2. John Wick: Chapter 2

John-Wick-Chapter-2 best keanu reeves movies

this movie is chapter of of John Wick. John Wick: Chapter 2 is also a action, crime and thriller combination. In this story, John Wick’s old friend forces him to commit a murder. And to know what will happen to him when he commits murder, you must watch this movie.
it’s awesome like the first Part of the movie.

1. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019)

John-Wick-Chapter-3-Parabellum-(2019) best keanu reeves movies

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019) is a action thriller film, it is the third part of John Wick Series. In the last part of this film, the contract of John’s murder is given all over the world and after escaping from all of them, John will try to finish the contract, this is what we will see in this part. This chapter is more awesome than the last 2 chapters You must also watch this chapter.

The fans of Keanu Reeves, will definitely appreciate this list of best Keanu Reeves, movies in Hindi.

So, which one is your favorite Hindi-dubbed Keanu Reeves, film?

You can write your answer in the comment box below.

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